Strike while the iron is hot

It’s tough to know when the right time to sell your home is, unless you’re in a situation that you need to (job transfer, etc.) The best time to sell is when the market is hot, and right now it’s certainly at a peak. It could continue to go up or it could go down. One thing we know for sure is that interest rates have been rising. Since January 2018, we have seen rates go up more than half a point. What this does in turn for buyers is they lose their buying power. The more rates go up, the less house buyers will be able to afford. What you must keep in mind as a seller is if you decide to sell now, you know that you’re either getting the most money for your home or very close to it. Nobody has a crystal ball, but it’s still a seller’s market and there is not a ton of inventory out there.

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Grant Reever

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