Control the Uncontrollable

Flashback to Wednesday afternoon, Ryan and Kristin closed on their first home after 32 days of putting an offer on the home of their dreams. We got though the inspection period, negotiated repairs and the house appraised at the purchase price. Two weeks after we were under contract we were just waiting to close.

Five days before closing I get a call from the listing agent and she says we must extend the closing because there is a notice of commence on the roof. In other words, the roof was only one year old, and they needed to make sure the contractors were paid for the job that was done. This came as a huge shock, because Ryan and Kristin were prepared to take the week off from work and were frustrated with this news. I knew there had to be more to the story, come to find out the roofer that performed the job was now out of business and had been thrown in jail, due to one if his workers getting injured on the job. Without proper signatures we could be held up to close this deal for weeks. I called the title company every day, four times a day to work on this issue and facilitate it anyway, I could. We finally got over that hurdle, then we come to find out the current owner had late payments to the HOA and the association would not release an estoppel letter which is a pertinent document to close on the house. My office manager Nancy and I called the association for three straight days and they finally were able to receive the money owed to them. All these things were out of my control, but I had to put them into my control to get Ryan and Kristin into their new home. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something, be pleasant and be persistent.

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Grant Reever

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